In recent years, Bansko has won the brand of World Ski Resort. Almost every season there are starts from the Ski World Cup.
The city and the mountain offer wonderful conditions for winter tourism - a unique combination of original history and architecture and a modern ski resort.

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Ski areas for everyone

The slopes with a total length of 75 km are of varying difficulty, from blue to challenging red and black, suitable for both skiers and snowboarders.

The starting station of the gondola lift starts from Bansko at an altitude of 950 m and the slopes extend all the way to the upper station of the Plateau at 2770 m above sea level, from where a divine view of the snowy peaks opens.

The gondola and all ski lifts, providing access to 20 always very well-groomed slopes, are new and modern. Intermediate skiers can enjoy the 7 km of ski trail connecting the slopes with the city, always covered with snow and well lit.

On Pirin Street, near the gondola, there is an ice rink where you can skate.

For fans of good food and authentic restaurants ...

If you are not a fan of winter sports, Bansko can offer you other entertainment. The ski road is a great place for a walk, to breathe fresh air, and why not go sledding.

For fans of good food, we recommend visiting one of the many local taverns united under the motto Authentic Bansko. Most taverns are concentrated in the old part of houses with preserved ancient architecture. There you can enjoy the local specialties Kapama, Chomlek, Chesti kustureta, Sui chushchi, Kombari s kazel, Keluvarchi and the local appetizers Banski starets, Banski but, Dropchitsa.

Here you can hear the authentic Bansko a cappella singing. The amateur groups for songs and dances in Bansko preserve and transmit from generation to generation the local folklore and traditions.

Bansko is a top destination for all winter holidays - Student Holiday, Christmas and New Year. A super attraction for both local people and all tourists is the Mummer's Festival on January 1. There are various clubs, gambling halls, discos and nightclubs throughout the city.

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